Help us make our club the best in Calgary! It makes a difference in kids lives!

White Eagles needs your support to run affordable and professional programs. We want to offer our young players much more than just an opportunity for a high quality soccer training. We strive to provide an experience that will shape their lives and help them build lifelong friendships.

We recognize that families have different needs, and therefore use a volunteer system which provides flexibility and choice for parents. Those who choose not to volunteer pay a non-volunteer fee, while others can choose from a selection of tasks to eliminate that additional fee. 

Consider utilizing your talents in one of the positions listed below. You will have our full support and it will be a great experience for you and your child.

Volunteer Positions OUTDOOR season 2020

Assistant Coach

The assistant coach is part of the coaching team with the head coach and will help run drills and engage with all the team players under the guidance of the head coach. If the head coach is not available to run a practice or coach a game, the assistant coach will step in. The assistant coach will be also responsible for setting up the equipment before the practice and pacing the equipment after practice. If you sign up to assist with coaching you will be designated to you child’s team only.

Volunteer Coordinator

As a volunteer coordinator, you will work closely with board of directors to designate volunteers and track volunteer fulfillment. Main duties will involve creating sign up forms for required volunteer positions, confirming volunteer commitments and managing communication with volunteers to ensure smooth running of all operations. This position is a great fit for a person who is organized, outgoing and willing to engage in our soccer community.

Administrative Assistant

As an Administrative Assistant you will work closely with board of directors to help with running of the indoor season. Main duties will include data input into spreadsheets, email and social media communication. You will need to be familiar with the use of email, Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel and Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms.

Fundraising Coordinator

As a Fundraising Coordinator you will work closely with the board of directors in developing and managing fundraising programs for the club. This position is a great fit for a person who is creative and outgoing and likes to work on a team.

Team Photographer

As a Team Photographer you will be responsible for taking high quality photos during your child’s games and forwarding them to the head coach or social media coordinator. This position is a great fit for a person who owns a camera with an optical zoom.

team level social media coordinator

This position will require you to post game and practice updates from your child’s team on our Facebook page and Instagram. You will work closely with team photographer to ensure continuous updates on you team’s successes! 


Linesmen job is to indicate to the Referee that a ball has gone out of play, either over the sideline or through the corner of the side they’re monitoring, or to indicate that a player is offside during the course of play. This position requires attendance during your child’s CMSA games.

line painting assistant

As line painting assistant you will be required to help with soccer field line painting usually on the weekends, several times during the outdoor season.

portable goal set up and take down

This job require you to arrive to the practice at least 15 minutes early to set up equipment and take it down at the end of the practice.


This option will provide organizers with the volunteers necessary to fill positions at the team and club levels, which do not get selected through the registration process. Volunteers will be contacted through-out the season and jobs will be agreed upon.