White Eagles Calgary


Our mission is to raise great soccer players and good human beings. Each of our practices focuses not only on developing soccer skills but also on teaching team play, respect and healthy lifestyle.

Our teams participate in CMSA games and soccer tournaments. Our most recent success is a bronze medal in CMSA winter 2018/2019 season for our Boys U11 team. Although we train hard, match results are not our priority. Our goal is the long term player development. To achieve that we provide stress free environment and practices that are fun and aimed at building skills and character in a balanced way.

Our practices are tailored to specific age groups. We focus on each individual player to ensure all kids feel they play an important role on the team. Our soccer drills are thoughtfully crafted by our Head Coach Greg and consist of technical drills, fitness workouts and fun games. We practice speed, coordination, precision and fair-play. Our coaches are qualified and experienced professionals.

Our Head Coach Greg Rozek is a former professional soccer player with a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and European Coaching License. His combined education and work experience of over 15 years make him one of the most qualified coaches in Calgary.

Our club was built by volunteers in 1948 and we are proud to continue to promote the love for the game. We strive to provide the best possible environment for our players to grow not only to be great soccer players but also to become the next generation of future volunteers and coaches who will continue the club legacy

Our History

White Eagles Polish Canadian Sport Association was formed in 1948 as the result of the initiative of the group of Polish immigrants, many of whom were war veterans. Headed by Pawel Machulik and Jan Rokita White Eagles was a volunteer organization, which goal was to promote sports among Polish community in Calgary.

The official White Eagles Club was formed in 1951 with Antoni Suminski as president and Marian Baranowski as vice-president. As there were enough young men in Polish community to form a soccer team, the club grew and was supported by the Polish Canadian Association,  and the Polish Combatant Association.

Throughout the years the club brought sports minded members of the Polish community together. Each game was an opportunity to meet, talk and spend time with family in an active way.

The dedication and persistence lead to the team winning a “Scotland Cup” tournament in 1953 with captain Stanislaw Gajecki.





In the late sixties the club experienced a decline in membership and it wasn’t until 1973 that White Eagles saw a come back. Thanks to Jack Kuczaj, Tadeusz Czenczek and Zdzislaw Kucharski a new team was formed. Their enthusiasm paid off and White Eagles won a third place in Division One of the Calgary United Soccer Association in 1977.




1993 winners of the indoor season.

For over 70 years White Eagles achieved a lot of success however it’s not its main purpose.

The main goal of the club these days is to give opportunity for high quality soccer program to all kids and promote sports in all communities not only among Polish immigrants.

1995 Chilean Cup winners.