End of Season Party

End of Season Party

Yesterday we held the official End of the Indoor Season party for our teams: U8 and U11.

We started with a lot of fun playing Bubble Soccer, during which our players had the opportunity to try the entertaining form of soccer. The game was so funny that even a coach joined in, who was eagerly “bombarded” by other players 😉

Following was the official part of the end of the season ceremony, during which the season was summarized, and medals were awarded to each player, as well as individual distinctions in the form of diplomas and trophies.

Let us just remind you that in the indoor season 2018/2019 the White Eagles U8 team was an unbeatable team that in 13 games won 12 times and drew I one game, scoring 160 goals. The U11 team was also very successful, taking the third place in the league in which we were the youngest team.

Individual awards received:
⚽️U11 Top Scorer – Dominik Kaczan
⚽️Great GK Debut – Natan Cudak
⚽️Best U11 Defender – Gabriel Pino Hernandez
⚽️Best U11Midfielder – Andres Rodriguez Anzola
⚽️Best U11Striker – Damian Sieliwoniuk
⚽️U8 Top Scorers – Alan Cudak, Oliver Kaczan, Maximus Woloszyn, Jakub Hamryszczak
⚽️Viktor Surowiec – Most Improved Offensive Player Award
⚽️Koebi Schoen – Most Improved Passing Award 
⚽️Alan Cudak, Oliver Kaczan – Best U11 Team Supporters
⚽️Mathias Murillo – Most Improved Dribbling Award 
⚽️Leon Wilkolaski – Important Player of The Team
⚽️Aaron Manu Thayil – Most Improved Midfielder Award 
⚽️Adam Gabinski – Most Improved Forward Award
⚽️Mohammed Taweel – Best Long Shot Award
⚽️Daniel Mika – Toughest Defender Award
⚽️Jakub Lelek – Bravest Defender Award
⚽️Augusto Rodriguez Anzola – Best Dribbling Award 
⚽️Gabriel Siemak – Best Teamwork Award
⚽️Maksymilian Cudak – Rock Solid Defense Award
⚽️Maximilian Viner – Best Practicer Award 
⚽️Dhruv Gupta – Winning Spirit Award
⚽️Thomas Partyka – Best Effort Award
⚽️Lucas Isernia – Team Spirit Award
⚽️Jan Wieczorkowski – Most Energetic Player Award
⚽️Sebastian Siemak – Best Listener Award
⚽️Zaid Taweel Best – Teammate Award
⚽️Leon Kulikowski – Love of the Game Award
⚽️Franciszek Podkowa -110% Award

The event ended with delicious treats prepared by the parents.

More photos can be viewed on our Facebook Page

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